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The difficulty of a route is representative of your perception and your personal assessment as a practitioner. To obtain an objective classification, Derupabike is based on a scale distinguishing the aptitudes related to the Physical condition and to the Technique of piloting.

The terms that define a level of difficulty represent the abilities of the practitioner. Personal aptitudes are defined as a range delimited by a maximum, a minimum or even an ideal average.


The classification is presented in 4 levels: from C1 to C4 for physical condition; from T1 to T4 for piloting technique.

Intermediate levels "+"

Example: T2 +.

The "+" annotation indicates that the skills corresponding to level (T3) must be applicable in all circumstances and under all conditions with ease. The skills required are approaching the next level.

The reasons for this addition can be various. Example; one or two sections technically more difficult than the level announced, compulsory passage or exposed, conditions depending on the season (cold, humidity), etc.

Aims of classification

The purpose of the classification is to help you correctly self-assess your level. This will allow you to better situate yourself and choose an offer that fully suits you.

Depending on your self-assessment and after making contact, we will be able to advise you on a suitable offer, or create a “tailor-made” itinerary that best meets your expectations and your abilities.




The practitioner is able to progress at a constant pace until the end of the round. The data below corresponds to the criteria for a day outing with a mountain bike without electric assistance.


C1 /Beginner:

  • Regular practice of sporting activity

  • Duration: 2 - 3 hours of pedaling

  • < 25 km

  • < 600m D+

  • < 1500m D–


C2 / Medium :

  • Regular practice of mountain biking

  • Duration: 3 - 4 hours of pedaling

  • < 40 km

  • < 1200m D+

  • < 2500m D–


C3 /Demanding:

  • Good physical condition and frequent MTB training

  • Duration: 4 - 6 hours of pedaling

  • < 60 km

  • < 1600m D+

  • < 3000m D–

  • < 250 meters of portage


C4 / Expert :

  • Very good physical condition and excellent endurance in mountain biking

  • Duration: 6 - 8 hours of pedaling

  • > 60 km

  • > 1600m D+

  • > 3500m D–

  • > 250 meters of portage





The practitioner is able to control his speed and trajectory throughout the outing.


T1 / Beginner:

  • Forest roads and rolling paths without technical difficulty with short narrow and steep passages.


T2 / Medium :

  • Trails rolling but with short technical sections (roots, stones, 20cm steps, narrow bends and some steep passages). In addition, he knows how to recognize when he has to get off his bike for a passage that is too difficult. No long succession of hairpin bends, no exposed passage.


T3 / Demanding:

  • Singletrails with frequent technical passages and more substantial obstacles (narrow and winding paths, steep passages, many tight bends). In addition, the pilot is able to progress with ease during short exposed sections. May include portages.


T4 / Expert :

  • Trails with sustained difficulties. Many exposed sections, hairpin turns and significant obstacles are expected on the route. A good technical mastery in porting is required. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


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