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Derupabike offers you "tailor-made" technical courses. We plan your program together in order to fully meet your expectations. "Private" coaching is recommended to progress more quickly, but collective formulas are quite possible without compromising the quality of the teaching.

Group size is limited to 6 people. No matter your machine, MTB or E-Bike, our exercises and small challenges will give you the confidence to push your limits. Through the use of video analysis and targeted feedback, Derupabike guarantees rapid progress.

In addition to the technical aspects, Derupabike will help you to better adjust your mount mechanically. Our instructors, experienced in the field, will give you the keys to get the most out of your ATV or E-Bike.



Are you a novice and do not yet know much about the “cramped” bicycle?

Would you like to know all the secrets of an ATV or E-Bike in the mountains or in the forest?


This technical course will allow you to gain confidence on your mountain bike. Our varied range of exercises will open up new paths for you.

Derupabike also offers a program specially adapted to young budding riders.

Themes :

  • Getting on and off the mountain bike

  • The basic position

  • Crossing small obstacles

  • The basic technique of the turn

  • Braking in a straight line and in a curve

  • Transmission management



Do you already have good mountain biking or e-bike experience but would like to raise your level and your dose of fun still further?

Are you in great physical condition but you always get overtaken on the descent?

Follow us on tracks that will push you to your limits! It will be an opportunity to discuss elements of pure technique but also points relating to race management, the choice of lines, tires depending on the conditions, equipment settings and the mental aspect. Save seconds and guaranteed fun!


Themes :

  • Recalling the basic position

  • Overcoming obstacles and steps

  • The technique in curves and very tight turns (pin)

  • Specific movements: bunny-up, wheeling, manual, nose-turn

  • Jumps and banked turns

  • The choice of lines and material

  • Technical upgrades


Coaching sessions are organized in the Chablais, Riviera, Martigny, Entremont, Valais central & Friborg region.

For coaching in another region, a supplement related to the instructor's travel may be required.



For a better application and integration of technical advice, Derupabike suggests that you opt for a full day. Technical workshops in the morning and guided tour in the afternoon.

On request, within a reasonable time, equipment rentals are possible.

Coaching (half day / 4h)


1 personne

2 persons

3-4 persons

5-6 persons






Coaching + guiding day


1 person

2 persons

3-4 persons

5-6 persons






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