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Derupabike wants to offer you more than just a guided outing. Emmanuel & Adrien want to take you alongside them for a new experience. Whatever your expectations, they will be able to surprise you and make you travel from curve to curve with all their skills and experiences.


Our guides, with complementary profiles, attach particular importance to the care of a job well done or a quality service as a pledge of ethics. It is with humor and friendliness that they share their knowledge. What could be more interesting than experiencing a sports excursion incorporating certain curiosities along the route?



Mountain biking comes in many forms. Whether it is an occasional activity, a hobby or even a passion, the definition of this practice is vast and specific to each one. For centuries, nature has been dotted with trails winding majestic scenery. Paths, flowtrails, rolling or more technical singletrails, from Valais granite slabs to Friborg root mats, the Derupabike team will guide you on all types of trails with enthusiasm.


Each route is an open door to travel. Bridges, alpine routes, localities, villages, regions, they all contain a good number of secrets and curiosities. Mountain biking makes it easy to immerse yourself in a culture and a history. Through local specialties and know-how, you will be fully immersed in the heart of their heritage.



For some it evokes a return to basics, a land of adventure or even a reason to live. Emmanuel & Adrien will dive with you into this world of raw emotions and sensations. The freshness of a gorge, the scents of spring, the fall colors, the serenity of a lake, the roar of a torrent, the song of the forests, and above all the silence, it is with power and delicacy that nature gives us offers all its beauty. We owe it to ourselves to venture there with respect and humility!

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